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How To Get Hight Traffict daily

bloggers would need high traffic to improve the quality of their blogs. because blogs without traffic or visitors, means that blogs can be said to die.
actually has many articles that discuss how to increase traffic to thousands of visitors per day, but here I will also provide a little how do we look to live blog and many visitors

1. posting updates every day with news that is still very new in around us so that visitors will be a bit like reading our news

2. when blogwallking never feel bored leave a comment on blog posts that we visited

3. search forums that have high traffic, and join in the forum so that we can promote our blog

4. Yahoo Answers can fetch you a great amount of traffic. The questions and answers posted in the site are indexed by search engines and showed on search result pages. You can include any number of relevant links to your site on your answers. Usually every question and its answers can get several hundreds of organic visits daily through search.
Anyone visiting the Answers page is most likely to click on your link, if your answer clears the problem well and the link is highly relevant. It has also additional perks like RSS subscriptions to your blog, more friends and votes through Yahoo Answers, etc.

5. Facebook Marketplace
Facebook is the largest social network in the world with over 90 million active users.
Have you ever posted a link to the Facebook Marketplace and seen its effect ? For this, you have to find the most appropriate marketplace to list your link.
For instance, imagine your company sells the most affordable health insurance services in say, Florida, but your website is rather new and has less reach than your competitors. If you post a link to the Florida network’s marketplace, several Floridians will see it and visit your site. And it can give you a bunch of new customers.

6. Social Media Submissions
Social media submission is another great way to attract traffic to your blog and get backlinks. If your posts are very useful, they can go up to the front page of social media sites like Digg, and give you loads of traffic. However, the main reason that you submit is natural SEO. The blog should slowly build many incoming backlinks to get organic search traffic.
Submitting all your articles to social media sites will get you a great number of incoming links. Also, these submissions are ranked high in search results. Hence, they can provide some indirect traffic to your blog too.

and many more ways to improve the quality of our blog visitors. provided we are not lazy I think our blog will also be noisy patrons

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How To Get Hight Traffict daily


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