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Various kinds of abnormalities of human sex

Gay is a term for men who direct their sexual orientation to other men or also known as the man who loves a man both physically, sexually, emotionally or spiritually. Psychologically, gay was a loving man. They also average a little care appearance, and really pay attention to what's happening to her partner.

Homosexuality refers to sexual interaction and / or romantic between individuals of the same sex in a situational or sustainable. In recent usage, the adjectives used to gay sex and / or sexual relations between persons of the same sex, who may not identify themselves as gay or lesbian brand. homosexual, as an identifier, in general, compared with heterosexuality and bisexuality. gay Romania is a specific term used to refer to male homosexuals. While Lesbian is a specific term used to refer to homosexual women.

That definition is not absolutely remember this definition is complicated by the existence of some biological and psychological components of sex and gender, and with that a person may not be hundred percent fit the category in which he classified. Some people even consider offensive about gender differentiation (and the distinction between sexual orientation).

Homosexuality may refer to:

* Sexual orientation characterized by liking someone else to have sex with men are biologically similar or the same of gender identity.
* Sexual behavior with someone with the same gender regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
* Sexual identity or self-identification, which may be able to refer to homosexual behavior or homosexual orientation.

Sexual expression and erotic same-sex love has become a feature of the known history of most cultures since early history. However, not until the 19th century that the actions and relationships as it is seen as a sexual orientation that is relatively stable. The first use of the word homosexual is recorded in history in 1869 by Karl-Maria Kertbeny, [1] and then popularized its use by Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing Psychopathia Sexualis in his book.

In the years since Krafft-Ebing, homosexuality has become a subject of studies and debates. At first seen as a disease to be treated, now more often investigated as part of a larger project for the understanding of Applied Life Sciences, Life, politics, genetics, historical and cultural variations of sexual identities and practices. legal and social status of people who perform homosexual acts or to identify themselves gay or lesbian diverse in the entire world.

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Various kinds of abnormalities of human sex


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I like the ideas outlined in this post. However, I did not ever intend to enjoy or enter into the world of the homosexual. Good a posting...


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